My History

DJ attributes a large part of who he is today to his childhood. He grew up in a small town and learned at an early age, from a wonderful family, to love nature, work hard, and to be honest. He looked forward to every summer when his family would load their horses in a trailer and travel the short distance to the Uinta Mountains. From there, they would spend a week traveling through the mountains. He marveled at the height of the mountains, clarity of the lakes and streams, frequent sightings of wildlife, and the vastness of the night sky.  One week seemed too short! He stayed as busy as he could hiking, fishing, climbing trees, and exploring. As the years went by, his love of the outdoors expanded. DJ began to bring disposable film cameras and then a Go-Pro just about everywhere he went. As DJ’s desire to photograph landscapes increased, the more obsessed he became with Photography in general.
Today DJ uses a full-frame DSLR with a variety of lenses and tools that aid in the creation of unique content from the places he travels. His work includes landscape, commercial, and event photography. He lives in Utah with his wife Taylor, and Ausiedoodle named Rudy.

I am so happy I found him!! We love his work, makes you feel comfortable and he’s everything you look for in a photographer!!! My experience with them was AWESOME.

– Makele

“DJ photographed the 2018 Summit County Fair. He did a great job, was so reliable and has a great eye for details and quality photos. I’d recommend him to anyone. The pictures he captured are beautiful and ready to use in our future marketing campaigns”

– Travis English

“DJ was so easy to work with!! He had the huge task of capturing my most recent workshop for future event marketing purposes. It was during the harshest lighting of the day, he was photographing nervous attendees, but he absolutely rocked it! Being the only male in the room he did an incredible job of making all the women in attendance feel comfortable and at ease. He was able to get incredible shots full of emotion and joy. I couldn’t be happier!! He really captured the energy of the whole event without getting in the way or detracting from the female empowerment vibe. He is an incredible commercial photographer!! I was not only impressed with his work but with him as a person. He was very professional and his photo editing turn around was soo fast!! I can’t recommend him enough!!!”

– Vitality with Ashley

Who DJ‘s Worked With