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My History

I attribute a large part of who I am today to my childhood. I grew up in a small town and learned at an early age to love nature and work hard. I looked forward to every summer when we would load up the horses and travel the short distance to the Uinta Mountains. From there, we would spend days traveling through the mountains on horseback. I marveled at the height of the mountains, clarity of the lakes and streams, frequent sightings of wildlife, and the vastness of the night sky sitting around a campfire listening to stories.  A few days seemed too short! I would stay as busy as I could hiking, fishing, climbing trees, and exploring. As the years went by, my love of the outdoors and passion for sharing stories expanded. I started to bring cameras everywhere I went.
In 2015 I started DJ Evans Media to share the beauty of the outdoors through photography and videography. I took that same passion I had listening to stories around a campfire, and now work to grow brands from Alaska to Costa Rica through photo and video content.

Who DJ‘s Worked With

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